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Please CONSIDER also our GREETING CARDS, GIFT CARDS and PRINTS. A great Collection of Nostalgic Cards (over 1000 designs) from various Great Names companies with outstanding records, available at our other websites.

Buy Premium Cards from NAMES who are known for their High Quality and Craftmanship Like DUFEX - HERON (Foil Engraved Cards & Prints which have that special 3D glistering effect when you look at them in different directions, which is a very attractive and desired brilliance quality ), further also AMPERSAND's well known 3 Dimentional Cards - OBELISK - CARTOUCHE - PAINTBOX (Little Treasures - Fine Art Collection) - HENLEY and GALLERY GRAPHICS. Altogether reflecting nice ranges for many occasions in finding the perfect gift for friends and family to reach their heart. Enjoy the benefits of buying from a New Zealand owned and operated company (Vicoriana Limited) with over 17 years of excellent customer support. No cash sales or pick ups.

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Many of the 3D Ampersand Cards and also various ones of the Heron-Dufex Foil-Engraved Greeting cards are generally

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